Farmhouse Finishes is our second milk paint formula that was originally designed for use on walls. Safe Paint was developed for use on non-porous surfaces such as previously painted walls and for new sheetrock. Yes, you can even paint your walls with milk paint! Always be sure to test over previously painted surfaces.


Safe Paint is mixed up the same way as our original formula; equal parts water to powder. We think you will be excited to see that Safe Paint mixes even smoother and easier than our original formula.


Safe Paint can definitely be used on more than just walls! Use it on furniture, wood, even metal! It doesn't require the Extra Bond adhesive additive like the original formula and tends to give a more traditional, full coverage look. Minimal chipping occurs when working with Safe Paints; your piece may not chip at all. Remember, however, furniture still needs to be prepped properly before painting. The paint is fantastic, but it's not magical! Prepare your pieces accordingly.


Safe Paint is more water resistent than our original formula, although both can be used outdoors. Safe Paint tends to water spot less, although anything that will take a lot of abuse and/or exposure to the elements should be finished with a waterproof sealer.


Safe Paint and our original formula are both biodegradable, permanent, durable and non-pollutant. They are both the safest paints available and were the first paints to be awarded the USDA's biobased label. Safe Paint and our original milk paint formulas are perfect for those with chemical sensitivities.


Farmhouse Finishes Safe Paint is now available in 32 colors.

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