Take a break or gear up for the next project?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Seems everywhere you look, people are starting to unplug from social media to reconnect with their families and prepare for the change of season/schedule/mindset. As much as I feel like a break would be useful, my mind races with the lists of to-do's for my RE&CL business, the new school year, and the how the former two will demand changes to the easy breezy work/play summer schedule I've enjoyed so with my little girls. COVID took its toll on all of us, but our family has fared healthy and well through it all, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Today is a pivotal day for me- the first of the month. There is something about a "first" that has always been incredibly motivating for me. I knew that I needed to attack this Saturday in order to make for a strong start to the coming week. It was my first day back to working out after a mini vaca to the beach. Begrudgingly, I descended to the basement for my workout. Even knowing that I would feel 300% better at the conclusion, I still shook my head at the bike like it was about to make a personal attack on me. Now that it's done, I feel mentally prepared to tackle the other 97 tasks that are on my list. I've decided that I won't be making any "rules" for myself about my social media/screen time. Rather, I'm going to focus on organizing and scheduling my family, physical and mental "me" needs around my the iminent demands of the school year ahead- even though we have no official word on what that is going to look like. I love everything I do- being a mom, teaching, creating, painting, sewing, taking care of the people I love- and finding the balance is going to take some inventive balance. So that is going to be my focus on this very first day of August: balance.

What intentions are you setting into the universe on this first day of August?

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